The Amarok has been a huge success since its European launch in 2011, and to improve supply and availability, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is now producing this model at its factory in Hanover, Germany (production also continues in Argentina).

The first right-hand drive Amarok pick-up model to be produced in Hanover is to be put into action with the RSPCA in the United Kingdom.  It was officially presented to the RSPCA by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at a special event in Hanover, followed by a tour of the factory.

The RSPCA’s vehicle is one of the latest Amarok models.  It has a powerful and efficient 2.0 BiTDI engine, now with 180 PS, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which is new to this model.  In addition, to improve fuel economy and emissions, it is fitted with BlueMotion Technology, which is now available across the Amarok range.  The 180 PS BlueMotion Technology model with automatic transmission and 4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive offers combined fuel consumption of 35.3 mpg.

The Amarok will be delivered to the RSPCA in the UK once accessories including a hardtop and protective seat covers are fitted.  It will then be set to work at one of the RSPCA’s biggest and busiest centres, the Southridge Animal Centre, handling rescued animals ranging from domestic pets to pigs, goats and horses.  The Amarok’s 4MOTION all-wheel drive and pulling power will be needed when retrieving animals from off-road locations, and for towing equipment around the 16-acre site.

Kevin Degenhard, Chief Inspectorate Officer of the RSPCA, who accepted Volkswagen’s invitation to the event in Hanover, said: ‘The Amarok is a very impressive vehicle and we are privileged and proud to have the first one from the European production line.  Our staff are looking forward to the Amarok joining our fleet, and I assure you it will be put to very good use and tested to extremes.’

Alex Smith, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the UK said: ‘At a time when incomes for charities are under pressure, we are delighted to support the RSPCA with the perfect off-road vehicle with plenty of traction, load capacity and towing power.  The RSPCA is often seen as another of the emergency services, and I know the Amarok will be working hard.’


The Amarok is now even more powerful and economical, thanks to a power upgrade for the 163 PS BiTDI engine to 180 PS, and the introduction of BlueMotion Technology models to offer improved efficiency.  In addition, towing limits have increased from 2,800 kg to 3,000 kg for manual models, while a new eight-speed automatic transmission has been introduced and has a higher towing limit of 3,200 kg.

To improve supply and availability, Amarok models for the UK and the rest of Europe are now being produced in the same factory as the Transporter in Hanover, Germany.  At the same time, new features introduced include: Bluetooth, front and rear parking sensors, heated washer jets, tachograph preparation, cornering fog lights and 19-inch alloy wheels.

BlueMotion Technology improves fuel economy and lowers emissions by using low rolling resistance tyres, Stop/Start and regenerative braking.  This means that although the 180 PS BlueMotion Technology is over 10 per cent more powerful than the previous 163 PS model, it is 3.9 per cent more economical, with a combined fuel economy of 37.2 mpg compared to 35.8 mpg.  Better still, emissions drop by 10 g/km to 199 g/km.

Torque for the eight-speed automatic transmission increases from 400 to 420 Nm, delivered at 1,750 rpm.  It is available exclusively as a Highline model with BlueMotion Technology and permanent 4MOTION for a retail price of £25,105 (plus VAT).  It achieves combined fuel economy of 35.3 mpg with emissions of 211 g/km – the same as the standard manual model.

The new 180 PS BiTDI engine is available with a six-speed manual transmission in Startline, Trendline and Highline trim levels and selectable 4MOTION all-wheel drive with retail prices from £19,795 (plus VAT).   The 2.0-litre TDI 122 PS engine is still available in the Startline range from £18,795 (plus VAT).

‘The new 180 PS engine and automatic transmission make the Amarok even more refined, plus with BlueMotion Technology also now available, it can offer more efficiency, too,’ said Alex Smith, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

‘The Amaroks from Germany are now arriving in Van Centre showrooms, with demonstrators available for test drives,’ he continued.

Full details of the Amarok range are available at, or by calling 0800 717131.  For the latest updates find Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on Twitter @Volkswagen_CV.

Amarok performance and technical specifications:

Combined MPG 0-62 mph
Previous163 PS 4MOTION Selectable 35.8 11.1 209 1,064 to 1,108
Previous163 PS 4MOTION Permanent 35.8 11.1 209 750
New 180 PS 4MOTION Selectable 35.3 11.0 211 1,091 to 1,145
New 180 PS 4MOTION Permanent
BlueMotion Technology
37.2 11.0 199 772
New 180 PS 4MOTION Permanent
BlueMotion Technology automatic
35.3 11.3 211 1,077

Amarok retail and on the road (OTR) prices:

Retail £ (ex VAT) OTR £ (inc VAT)
2.0 TDI 122 PS 4MOTION Selectable
2.0 BiTDI 180 PS 4MOTION Selectable
2.0 BiTDI 180 PS 4MOTION Selectable
£20,795 £25,926
2.0 BiTDI 180 PS 4MOTION Selectable
2.0 BiTDI 180 PS 4MOTION Permanent BlueMotion Technology
2.0 BiTDI 180 PS 4MOTION Permanent BlueMotion Technology auto


VW Roadside Assistance van
VW Roadside Assistance van

Roadside Assistance from Volkswagen

Over the past two winters, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance has attended 2,500 battery related call-outs and 700 wiper and washer related call-outs, so to make sure your van isn’t a victim of the cold this year, take advantage of the free Winter Check now available from Volkswagen Van Centres and authorised repairers across the UK.

The free, 30-point Winter Check includes essentials such as battery, lights, tyres, wipers and washers, plus screenwash and antifreeze levels.  If the screenwash is low, it will be topped up for free with Volkswagen genuine screenwash, which can cope with temperatures of minus 70°C.  If any items need replacing, a range of Volkswagen approved replacements are available at competitive prices, including winter tyres, which provide extra grip and traction when temperatures fall below seven degrees.

In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has produced a video of top winter driving tips, with help from the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance partner, the RAC.  This can be seen at, or on YouTube at:

‘People don’t realise the importance of basics like good quality screenwash which works at much lower temperatures than cheaper alternatives, or that the correct antifreeze level is essential to reduce the risk and cost of burst pipes or frozen water pumps,’ said Stephen Bateson, Head of Aftersales and Customer Service.

‘This free Winter Check will help van drivers keep their vehicles on the road this winter, and save the cost of unnecessary repairs and lost business if they breakdown,’ he continued.

To find your nearest participating Volkswagen Van Centre, call 0800 717131 or visit  For the latest updates follow Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on or Twitter @Volkswagen_CV.