Volkswagen T2. A lot of rust. Four crazy thrill-seekers. Big adventure!

Happy Samoje!

Happy with the camper?

We all have dreams we wish one day would come true. Just like these four guys from Poland – but they took a step further and decided to make it happen. They gave up all the things that they ‘had to do’ in their lives and focused on what they actually ‘want to do’ instead. Let’s hear their story… It all started one year ago with just a simple plan to do a Eurotrip in a modern camper van, nice and comfy. However, they felt it could be a bit boring since they don’t see themselves as the kind of people who like doing ordinary things. The ‘ordinary’ plan had to be changed into a bit more of an extreme one. What did they come up with? They have always been in love with a T2 bus, probably since they were kids, so it naturally led to a decision – to buy a classic VW T2 of their childhood dreams and travel around Europe in that iconic hippie bus. There was just one problem – they had never restored or even repaired a car on their own before…

Picture of VW splitscreen at the VW Museum

VW museum

The research started, first on the list was a visit to the Volkswagen Museum in Pepowo near Sopot, Poland to find out everything about their beloved T2 bus. A bit more interesting than a regular day out in the museum!     The main goal of their mission was to find out if such a car can go more than 10,000 km without causing any technical issues. The owner of the museum was incredibly helpful and the guys managed to get to know a huge amount of details about the T2 hippie bus.  Mission complete! However, one pretty massive obstacle appeared on the horizon – the cost of bringing such an old car (of almost 40 years!) back to life. It turned out the price of restoration was comparable to renting a good condition camper van for the whole trip! A lot of thinking had to be done and the decision was not easy… but their love of trying new and extraordinary things took over the reasonable thinking and the decision was made. The search for an old T2 hippie bus began. Eurotrip plans started taking shape – they came up with a marketing strategy and started looking for sponsors. The details of their not-just-ordinary Eurotrip will follow, let’s go back to the restoration adventures now.

Rusty VW camper

This needs a lot of work!

After their visit to the VW Museum they stared looking for a car that would be in as good condition as possible. With constant searching, it took three months to find the right one! It looked perfect on the photo, the excitement was growing… Turned out it was not so perfect in reality, in fact there was nothing to buy apart from a pile of rust. What a massive waste of time and excitement!

Back to searching, luckily it was not long till one of them found another perfect bus! And that turned out to be the real perfect one. They bought it and the restoration process

VW Type 2 camper

This was worse than they’d expected

began. There was a lot of rust at the front part of the bus so the first step was to replace it. This part was quick and easy – all done by a professional panel beater. Not easy for much longer though as they noticed that there was much more rust under every seal… The budget was limited so the guys were forced to do it on their own and secretly hoped for some

Very rusty window area on the VWbus

Surely it’ll buff out?

help from friends and family who knew how to fix the metal issues.

Welding being done on a VW campervan

Time for a spot of welding?

It was time of learning a lot about cars. Their lack of experience did not help – but their massive passion for bringing this old rusty car back to life helped them go through every step of the restoration process. It was a really long process as they ended up having to replace over 50 parts on their own! And that was just the first stage, next to get done was the filling. So much they were in love with this car that they were ready to do it on their own too!

VW Bus with filler

This bus needed some filler!

Okay, car body issues sorted out but to travel more than 10,000 km around Europe they would need an engine that works properly. The car had a 1.6 litre boxer engine that could be started but it was very weak so it was a definite next one on the to do list. The guys would have had no idea how to tackle this problem but luckily one of them was finishing his mechanical engineering studies and with his eye for detail there was no way anything could be missed or done wrong!   6  The entire restoration process started back in March and the body and filling works took more than five months. It was time of hard work, sometimes even seven days a week. After that tough and long process there was time for a more exciting part – the colour! The plan was to go from the old green & gold to a classic blue & white. Sounded easy but even finding a perfect combination of the colour tones took a few trials. Finally, the best blue was chosen.

VW camper ready to be painted

Ready for painting!

Although the car was painted by a professional, guys did not have time off while waiting for it to be done. They split into two teams: engine repairing crew and upholstery team. It worked out very well and by time the car came back with a beautiful new colour both teams completed their jobs. Very efficient!

VW engine being rebuilt

The engine needed sorting



Finally the car came back with its beautiful new shiny colour. That moment compensated for all the hard moments they had since the start of the restoration works! Massive smiles on their faces – the colour turned out to be even better than what they dreamt of!

Volkswagen campervan painted blue and white

All painted and ready to rebuild.

The guys are a bit secretive when showing photos of their restored T2 bus but since it is a part of their marketing strategy we have to wait till they reveal more. There are more details, photos and videos on their Facebook page so make sure you check this out! They said everything was recorded and their next step would be to get the editing done and put some more videos on their fanpage.   They talk about the whole project as ‘not just an ordinary trip’. The plan is to make it an extreme Eurotrip with all sorts of risky and adrenaline pumping activities happening on the way. Some of that could be surfing (photo below) like this one on the Portuguese coast. As I mentioned they’re looking for sponsor, who could allow them to fulfill their crazy plan and hit the trip! In return they will call whole excursion with the name of sponsor, and furthermore during the entire trip their car can be used for sponsor brand stickers: “We have so much advertising space on our car, so we can give it to our sponsor which will be huge benefit for him or her”  There is a lot to follow so make sure you check out their Facebook page!

Surfing in Portugal

Catching some waves!