Betsy We have had Betsy now for just over a week.  She is fantastic and makes us smile everytime w



We have had Betsy now for just over a week.  She is fantastic and makes us smile everytime we go out in her.  In fact I grin everytime I look out of the window.  We haven’t done much work on her yet of course, but we have cleaned up the engine a little – points, plugs etc and we fixed the wipers yesterday.  Having a bit of an issue with the bonnet after taking it off – it won’t close again properly at one side.  Guess we’ll have to keep tinkering with that.

I am currently researching her original colour as we would like to put her back to that, so far it looks like a dark blue which we reckon will look fab with all the chrome.

As we go along I will post pics and descriptions of the resto in progress.

This bug has been abandoned and we are trying to find a way to get her up to York from London…

This bug has been abandoned and we are trying to find a way to get her up to York from London…if we can get her here then we will be able to slowly get her back to her former glory.  Unfortunately we don’t have much of a budget at the moment for transport so it may prove a difficult one.

She has been abandoned by a previous tenant who decided he didn’t want her anymore and just left her when he moved away.  The owners of the house have said if we can’t take her then they will scrap her – this would be such a shame when she could be lovely.

Will keep readers posted on progress.  

Introduction to York Classic VWs

Having been a lover of all things VW since a very young age I have decided to spend some more of my time devoted to writing about what I know and learning more about the things I don’t know.

My website is in progress and there are some really interesting VW related things to come via the website.  If you are a Volks lover then you are going to love the site when it’s done.

There will be to follow some basic knowledge regarding where Volkswagen came from and why, and then some  helpful hints on what to look for when buying your first VW – we all have to start somewhere.  From buying your first VW you may then want some tips on maintenance and restoration.  Where necessary I will be enrolling the help of some real time served experts.

I hope you find this blog of use and interest.  If you subscribe you will be kept up to date with progress on the website too.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to comment :)

Road Trip 2010


Anyone who has been reading this blog will know that Kevin (my fiance) and I recently did a website for a VW Campervan hire company up in Northumberland, North East England . We decided we should try out the hire – as anyone who knows me is aware I have been a lover of all things VW for as long as I can remember (in particular, the classic beetles and campers).

The first August finally arrived – I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get out and about in Felicity (Felicity is a Brazilian T2 bay camper converted by Danbury). We left York mid morning and arrived at Felicity’s home at around mid-day. Paul and Denise, (the owners) have become good friends over the time doing the website so it was lovely to see them too. There was lunch waiting for us when we got there which was a lovely start to our holiday. We had a nice relaxed lunch and catch up with Paul and Denise and then we were on our way in Felicity.

We headed up the coast road first towards Beadnell Bay. The views were fantastic – beautiful coastline and it lots of castles! The first night we stayed in Budle Bay which is just up the coast from Beadnell Bay and near Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The next day we decided to head further north and ended up crossing the border into Scotland and up to North Berwick. We found a lovely campsite in North Berwick overlooking the coast and just a very short walk down to the beach. Bass Rock could be seen from the campsite too. Here we had some German neighbours with whom we had wine and snacks the first night and then on the last morning they invited us for breakfast. They were a really lovely family and we intend to keep in touch and hopefully visit them at some point in the future. We are also, possibly, having the daughter to stay next summer to help her out with her English (although it’s way better than my German has ever been already).

From North Berwick we had a drive into Edinburgh for the day and had a wonder around. We saw Edinburgh Castle and many of the other sights and sounds of Edinburgh – a really lovely and lively city.

After 3 nights in North Berwick we decided to head to the Lake District for a couple of nights. We drove down to Lake Ullswater in Cumbria and stayed at Park Foot campsite right on the lake for 2 nights. We drove around a few of the lakes and spent a couple of hours in Keswick. We took Felicity right up to the top of Borrowdale where the views were absolutely amazing, we spent a lot of time up in the clouds! The climb by road was very steep and very bendy but Felicity managed it all with absolutely no problems.

After the Lakes we head over the Penines towards Alnwick and then stayed our last night back in Northumberland.

Unfortunately, the time then came for us to hand Felicity back to Paul and Denise. We had had a fantastic time with her and will hopefully have her again sometime. She was so much fun to drive and to spend time in. Stopping here and there to make a coffee in the back was great. And cooking dinner was also great fun.

Thanks to Paul, Denise and Felicity for a fantastic week. I would definitely recommend North East VW Camper Hire to anyone with a love for campers, it’s a great way to see some of the country!