Betsy’s first Dub Meet

Last night we took Betsy to her first Dub meet with the members of Dubs on the Wolds – Driffield’s local VW club.

As Kevin doesn’t get home from work until 6:30 we were unable to make it to the first port of call so we went straight to the second place which was the Wolds Inn at Huggate. It was probably about half an hours drive from home so we got there nice and early and ordered some food.

We sat in the beer garden and awaited the arrival of our fellow dubbers. Then we heard it…the sound that could be mistaken for nothing else, the beautiful sound of aircooled engines coming our way. One after another they piled into the car park…camper, camper, beetle, camper etc – a fantastic sight to see them all come in in convoy and then park next to our Betsy.
So we all introduced ourselves, and got to chatting about VWs of course. What a lovely group of people too! It was as if we’d known them for ages. And what a beautiful view seeing all the dubs parked together.
I think Betsy enjoyed her first Dubs on the Wolds meet – I know we did!