Concept Camper – what are your thoughts?

Written by Kate McCarthy Bedward of York Classic VWs  <<<click here to visit website

So we have all seen lots of concept cars, many of which never actually get seen on the road. Parts of the ideas are taken and used on cars that we do see driving around, so concept cars do have a purpose when it comes to actual cars – they are all the ideas of the designers thrown into a vehicle, they then look at all the ideas and decide which ones could actually be implemented.

Below we have a concept VW Campervan – what do you think the chances are of any or some of these ideas reaching our streets.  Which ideas do you see that you really like and would love to have in a camper?  Which do you think are possible now and which do you think may be a little far-fetched for now?

Personally I think there are some fantastic ideas in there and I would love to see something like this for sale – either made by VW as a new campervan or by a restoration specailist as one big project.

Please comment below and tell us what you think….on to the video.