• here is an image of a shiny vw campervan from our classic volks facebook page.
    Shared to our facebook page

    Think this one got posted to up by our friends from Machine7.

  • here is an image of a shiny vw campervan from our classic volks facebook page.
    Shared to our facebook page

    Always good to see the variations and character in our dub choices.

  • Image of a rusty beetle from Radikalbugz on facebook.
    the mighty RadikalBugZ

    How about this ride? Thanks to Rothfink for sharing this RadikalBugz image on their facebook page.

  • another beautiful volkswagen image.
    1966 volkswagen Beetle

    Thanks for sending this picture in Jim...it got lots of likes by others too. (sent in to us via fa cebook page.)

  • type 3 volkswagens.
    Type3 day at CV HQ

    Absolutely stunning 1965 notch sent in to us by Bruce Martin. (sent in to us via our fa cebook page.)

  • Type3 day at CV HQ

    Nice Squareback sent in by Wilmer Camara, thanks for sharing. (sent in to us via our fa cebook page.)

  • formula vee volkswagen story with image.
    Spring Dub 2014

    Spring Dub, now in it's second year, has already doubled in size from it's first year. The Classic Volks crew were not deterred by the initial showers of rain that greeted us as we made our way to the show, and we are glad we attended.

    Not only did all who attended get a chance to see some lovely Volkswagens (like the one pictured above) but the friends and atmosphere was also there to get us all looking forward for the now officially off and running - VW show season 2014. It was fantastic to catch up with those we hadn't seen since the end of last year's show season.

    See you at the next show - let us know which you are off to next by chatting with us on ClassicVolks facebook. Our next stop is Freddyfiles in Ninove, Belgium in 2 weeks.

  • VW Notchback Type 3 1961-1973

    Basically if we aren't out camping, attending a vw show, or for that matter, hosting our own show like this years Field of Dreams Aircooled VW Show - then we're converged together somewhere chatting about dubs, like this Notchback pictured here.

    Notchback is a styling term describing a variation of the Type 3 VW, it was released at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1961 as the new VW 1500 Sedan and was soon given the nickname the 'Notchback' due to it's three-box styling where the third distinct volume or "box" is less pronounced - especially where the rear deck (third box) is short or where the rear window is upright. Production we believe began in 1961 of the Volkswagen 1500 Notchback. The other type 3s were the Squareback and the Fastback.

  • So which club won 'best club stand' at VW festival 2012 and 2013?

    Yup, and tell you what, we'd love to have you share our dub passion. If you're local to York and own a volkswagen then our club welcomes you.

  • awesome vw bay
    Type 3 Day at CV HQ..VW Squareback

    It's always interesting to see how different people customise their volkswagen to suit their personality or lifestyle. If you're making changes to yours..send us some pics would you. #dubluv

  • A 1956 VW Beetle in Kenya

    It's been restored over the last 4 years by my father and I. Finally completed; thanks for sharing it with us Abdul Rahim Abubakar on our ClassicVolks facebook page.

  • awesome vw trekker photo posted from our facebook page
    Volkswagen 181 - what's in a name.

    Posted to us on facebook, its been called the 'Thing', the 'Kurierwagen' in Germany or known in the United Kingdom as the 'Trekker'. By whatever name you know it - #dubluv