Award Winning Club

We won 'Best Aircooled Club Stand' twice at VW Festival. One of our not-to-be-missed shows is Skeg Vegas Plus, my aircooled show in York.

It's good to Talk

If we aren't meeting together in person, our York Classic VWs Facebook page a is where you'll find us chatting away the dub days and/or planning camping dates or meals out.

YCVW Facebook page

Not everyone uses Facebook we know so don't worry. The best of the chatter happens when we meet-up, and those not on Facebook are kept informed via WhatsApp groups & email.

Child friendly club

Mini VDubbers are always welcome. We're a very family friendly club and have a few lovely little aircooled kids and grandkids! - let the brainwashing begin haha!

Volks Folks at heart

Although we hope you always turn up in your VW, we only ask that you be as VW mad as we are in order to join.

VW maintenance Support

Our existing club members are always willing to share their trouble-shooting tips and help out where they can to keep us all on the road and having fun!

Pictures of our club members, their dubs & recent club activities. *Membership is free. Join the FB group or email me for details.

Why choose to become a YCVW club member

You do not need to be a member to come along to one of our meets; simply own a Classic Volkswagen and/or have a love for them. Exclusive membership activities will always be clearly announced as being members only. Members get discounts from leading Insurance providers, VW parts suppliers and more. We arrange regular meets at different days/venues and times as a way of trying to ensure that even with our respective busy schedules, everyone has an opportunity to attend a planned meet. Find us on facebook or email us for membership rules, fees and/or restrictions. See you soon dubber. :-)

York Classic VW Club cars overview

Volkswagen Campervans

60% 60% Complete

Volkswagen Beetles

35% 35% Complete

Karman Ghias, Trekkers, Other

5% 5% Complete

Volkswagen lovers

100% 100% Complete

Where will YCVW Owners Club be heading in 2024?

More About our VW Club

Are you local to York and have a passion for classic Volkswagens?

  • Meet and share with likeminded VW owners.
  • Come camping with the group.
  • Exclusive club stands at VW shows.
  • Have fun! Make Friends!

We reserve the right to cancel your membership with immediate effective for instance(s) of aggressive behaviour (verbally and/or physically) and/or abusive actions to persons and/or property during or outside of club activities (should a connecton to the club cause a negative view of the entire club). We pride ourselves on being responsible, mature adults who show respect to others. Actions which are likely to create tensions within the club are not tolerated or welcomed.

York Classic VWs Owners Club exists as an extension of the Classic Volks brand in order to express our 'love-of-Volkwsagens' in that unlike the ethos behind as it celebrates the appreciation for only Aircooled VWS, York Classic VWs Owners club casts a wider net on dubluv. Members own not only the rare/iconic Volkswagens but also many newer models and indeed cars of all makes and models. The club is a place for VW lovers to find common ground.

How can I become a member?

Providing you own a Volkswagen, complete and return a York Classic VWs Owners Club membership form by clicking the image below. There is no joining fee but there may well be some sort of initiation at some point - just kidding, it's free to join and we love to see our little local family grow.
club membership word document image icon.

YCVW Club outing Video | Latest club video

YCVW - Hot Topics

Above all, being an active member in a club made up of other enthusiasts' gives you the opportunity to join forces with other members to share knowledge, enjoyment and enthusiasm, at VW shows where we have a club stand we'd love to have your VW parked up with us. York Classic VWs is completely non-profit making, there is no fee but we may occasionally ask for some money towards things for a club stand.

Everyone is welcome to join our meets, as far as we're all concerned, the more the merrier and our main focus here is to bring VW owners together and help to keep the aircooled VWs on the road and being enjoyed. York Classic VWs is not part of the Classic Volks brand it is the local VW Owners club that I (Kate) run as part of my love of VWs, my heart is definitely with the aircooled VWs but we do welcome all VWs to our club! Membership is and always will be free and as part of being a member there are discounts from a range of local and national VW related businesses including garages, parts suppliers, insurance and breakdown companies and we continue to seek out more discounts and welcome you to ask any supplier when you order, if it's something they'd give to us as a club.

We try to get out together as a club just about as often as is possible given our respective hectic work and leisure lives. But when we do, we certainly know how to make awesome memories! Our York Classic VW Owners club T-Shirts are available as part of membership along with a growing range of additional club merchandise. Ask at our next club meet about T-Shirts and/or how you can get hold of other club accessories. If you are on facebook, we have a group set up for club members only where we chat together and post up pictures and updates on shows we are planning to attend etc. If you don't use facebook, then feel free to drop me an email and I'll do my best to keep you updated.