If you are searching for a hire company in France - let us help you look.

There are many things you may know France for - snails, the Eiffel Tower and the many other landmarks of Paris, great food and wine, but have you ever really seen this fantastic country? What's to see in France?

From beautiful countryside to stunning beaches there is so much to see an do. What beter way to see it than in a classic VW Campervan? Travel around or find a favourite place - but whatever you decide, in a VW campervan you have the freedom to explore as much of France as you wish.

France has so much to offer and the best way to see it is to travel around - visit some vineyards, try the local foods, Visit the big cities and check out the shopping, head to the beach for a spot of surfing or just relax and enjoy. So while we work on offering you the best camper hire options in France, start planning your journey & contact ClassicVolks if you need more information before you travel.